RW Bowman B-Light Pleasure Saddle
$ 1,795.00

The B-Light Pleasure Trail Saddle incorporates all the features of the B-Light Trail. Made on a tree with a  reiner style front (13” wide) for those who want more swell than our A-Fork. The tooling is the Entz Oak Leaf and Acorn with a double cut border. Shown here with the Wade-style stirrup upgrade. All other specs are the same as the B-Light Trail Saddle II.

  • MSRP: $2210
  • Tree: B-Light Pleasure Tree made of Southern Yellow Pine covered in a single hand-laid layer of 6 oz fiberglass cloth. Manufactured for us by Steele Saddle Tree, LLC. The ground work is hand shaped using skirting leather over a 20 gauge tin seat strainer. We shape this leather to sit you comfortably in the saddle, eliminating the need for all the fancy-named thick padding that many are using today to cover poor ground work.
  • Seat Size: Available in 15," 16", 17", and 18".
  • Bars: Available in Full Quarter Horse, or Extra Wide for mutton withers , draft crosses, Haflingers, etc.  Also available in Mule and Gaited Bars.
  • Weight: Approximately 33 lbs.
  • Gullet Width: Full Quarter with 7" Gullet, Extra Wide with 7 1/2" Gullet, Mule with 6 3/4" Gullet, Gaited with 6 1/2" Gullet
  • Gullet Height: 8"
  • Swell: Light Reiner; Width 13".
  • Skirts: Length 26" (on 16” seat); Width 11" at front and 10" at rear. Lined with faux shearling, 90% wool.
  • Cantle: Height 4", Width 13", Dish 1 ½".  Style is 1 ½" Cheyenne Roll.  Hand Sewn.
  • Horn: Height 2 ¾"   Diameter 2 ½" Leather covered Hand Sewn.
  • Stirrup Leathers: 2 ½" with Leather Covered Blevins Buckles. Machine sewn and copper riveted at the Blevins Buckles and at the top of the fenders
  • Stirrups: Wooden, metal bound and  2/3's leather covered bell stirrups with hand laced foot pads and 3" treads.
  • Rigging: Dropped plate rigging in 7/8’s position. Hardware is Stainless Steel Horseshoe Brand.
  • Leather: 13-15 oz. Thoroughbred Leather . Available in Mahogany , Walnut , Black or Golden color.
  • Trim: Horseshoe Brand Cathedral Conchos with Tie Loops.  All Hardware including the saddle screws and washers is Stainless Steel. Saddle strings are cut from premium, 5-7 oz. burgundy latigo. The bicycle style, padded seat is constructed with 3/8" closed cell foam, covered with 4-5 oz. chap leather. We use the Union Lockstitch to sew and pull the 277 white nylon thread tight at 5 ½ stitches to the inch.
  • Finish: Each B-LIght Pleasure Saddle first receives a warm coat of 100% pure neatsfoot oil , followed by a generous coat of Aussie Leather Conditioner.
  • Tooling: Border Tooled with Entz Oak Leaf and Acorns.
  • Optional Accessories: Rear Flank Cincha  and Bucking Rolls...See these at the end of the Bowman Saddle Section.