Tin Haul Derrick Men's Boot - West 20 Saddle Co.
$ 299.95

Designed to stand out from the crowd, these Derrick Western Boots by Tin Haul are not for the faint of heart. Made from premium quality leather, these boots feature an 11” anvil embroidered crackle shaft atop a stitched black Derrick design vamp for stand-out style and comfort. The vibrant pumpin’ graphic design outsole is covered in a trademarked clear plastic/rubber compound that scuffs like leather and slides in and out of the stirrup with ease. Made from premium leather with cushioned insoles, roomy broad square toes, and comfortable walking heels, these boots will cradle your feet in comfort while the daring contemporary design has you in standout style. So be bold; kick up your heels in a pair of Tin Haul Boots.

Tin Haul Derrick boots are handmade and meticulously crafted with pure leather construction techniques.

What’s mesmerizing is the fact that Tin Haul takes premium leather and treats it industriously to incorporate wrinkling, scuffs and distressed marks that render a unique overlay to each design.