Rambo Ionic Stable Sheet - West 20 Saddle Co.
$ 204.00

Rambo® Ionic by Horseware uses tourmaline infused patches to release negative ions. Rambo® Ionic combines the benefits of compression and negative ion therapy and can help to increase circulation, stimulate metabolism, and increase oxygen delivery to cells and tissue.  The Rambo Ionic Stable Sheet is highly wicking and durable so the sheet can be used while traveling, in the stable and before and after exercise to promote the well being of the horse. This sheet is ideal for horses coming back into work, those in heavy work, and those who's owners want them to be happy & comfortable regardless of their job. Use for 2-4 hours initially until your horse is used to it, and then use normally.

Sizes: 66", 69", 72", 75", 78", 81", 84", 87"