Cashel Quiet Ride Fly Mask- Standard with Donkey/Mule Ears - West 20 Saddle Co.
$ 25.99

The Cashel Quiet Ride Fly Mask helps to eliminate head tossing and stress caused by bothersome insects on the trail. Based on the same comfortable design as the Crusader Fly Mask, the Quiet Ride is lighter material for protection on the go. The Quiet Ride Fly Mask is made of soft, breathable nylon mesh and fastens quickly and securely over most any bridle without affecting your horse’s vision. Stop worrying about flies on the trail and enjoy the ride!  The Standard with Ears mask has all the benefits of the Standard mask, with soft micromesh nylon sleeves to protect the ears. This design is just the right fit for your donkey or mule!

  • Mule ears available in yearling/large pony, small horse/Arab, horse, warmblood & draft.